Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hello and Welcome

Hello, I have created this blog for artists and others in the community who would like to discuss Art. I am hoping the art forum, like an "art form", will take shape with interesting topics ranging from Drawing, Painting, Film, Dance, Music, Photography, New Genre and beyond. Hopefully I can pipe in some content through a regular feed to make things interesting enough to post, read and return to. As always, have fun.


jonnyspace said...

I really enjoy going to a gallery or a musuem. Here are some places I enjoy...
Museum of Contemporary Art and
Los Angeles County Museum of Art

carolynosborne said...

Thank-you for your comment on my blog. Did you get a chance to go to my website? Share it with your friends, please!

Skip247 said...

Hello there. I saw your comment on my Opera blog. Thank you for your visit and I look forward to revisiting your site to see how things are developing. Creating art can be really isolating at times and it is great to know we are not alone in our interests.



jonnyspace said...

Thanks for sharing, Carolyn.
I like your Aloha necklace!

Gu├ęganne said...

I am a native artist in Canada, I do enjoyed some of the artists from the past, but I believe they are given more attention than our great living artists in your country as well as mine.I don' t make the traditional aboriginal arts, I prefer to roam and do whatever my heart desire. It' s great to be an elder and partly retired.

Good life and peace!